Born 1976, Corey Fuller is a sound artist and musician from Tokyo, Japan currently residing in Bellingham, Washington, USA. His family moved to Japan in 1983 where he spent 20+ years. His experiences there attending Japanese public schools, traveling across the Japanese landscape and growing up in a rural environment proximate to Tokyo have largely shaped his aesthetic and artistic vision. Geography and a sense of place are major components of Fuller’s music which incorporate field recordings from the various places that he has traveled to and resided in. Fuller’s music is a slow and gradual music composed of a myriad of infinitesimal details that only reveal themselves upon repeated listens. Comprised of processed and delicately treated acoustic instruments and other sound sources [accordion, acoustic/electric guitars, piano, rhodes, percussion, gongs, temple bells, vibraphone, glockenspiel, melodica, hammered dulcimer etc.] his music is at once organic and synthetic, austere and ornate, minimal and yet dense; often using a minimum of source material to create dense yet spacious arrangements and layers of sound that gradually evolve over time. References to the initial source materials are often obscured, and are processed and resynthesized into entirely new sounds which only intimate at their origins.