Guitarist, environmental sound recordist and sound artist, Enrico Coniglio (Venice, 1975) is a musician with an interest in the landscape aesthetics. Starting from his curiosity in experimenting within tonal variations of ambient music, with a particular referral to the soundscape of the Venice’s lagoon, his research aims at investigating the loss of identity of places and the uncertainty about the evolution of the territory.

His music, solo and collaborative works, have been featured by labels such as Fluid Audio, Crónica electronica, Gruen Rekorder, Taalem, Fear Drop/Fario, Glacial Movements, Hypnos, Psychonavigation, Silentes, Touch/Spire, just to name  a few. He has performed at various venues, festivals and art-galleries, most notably at The Big Chill (Birmingham), Hydrophonia (Barcelona), Flussi (Avellino), Teatro Fondamente Nuove (Venice), Café Oto (London), O’ (Milan), Störung Festival (Barcelona), Liminaria (Benevento), Aquamatrix (Avellino), Stazione Topolove (Topolò).

Together with Leandro Pisano he runs the digital label Galaverna. Enrico is member of AIPS – Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori.