Jamie Drouin’s (Canadian, b.1970) soundwork explores the subtleties of experience, with a specific interest in the way audio can dramatically alter perceptions of both physical and temporal space. Incorporating field recordings and synthesized sounds, Drouin’s works create intricately detailed patterns and textures which, while retaining references to corporeal sources, seek to expand and transform audience perceptions of familiar habitat.

Drouin has collaborated with several international artists including Skoltz Kolgen, Karl Kliem, Yann Novak, 3x3is9, Lance Olsen and others. He has exhibited and performed worldwide, including Mutek (Montreal), Decibel Festival (Seattle), the Montréal Museum of Contemporary Art, Henry Art Gallery (Seattle), General Public (Berlin), Chateau Rouge (Prague), La Placard (Montreal). His compositions have been published on Oral, Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Rope Swing Cities, Infrequency, and Cryoworks.

Drouin is the co-founder of Infrequency Editions curating works by a diverse group of sound artists, and performs as one half of the minimal-dub group Overcast Sound.