Kamran Sadeghi (aka Son of Rose) is an artist, composer, and performer who creates sensory environments at the intersection of sound, light, acoustics, and technology. Sadeghi draws from these elements to accentuate time and space, and to play with the awareness that can materialize between their physical properties and the human perception.

Sadeghi has used prepared piano, 12 string guitar, found objects, electronics and sound reactive light and video during performances and gallery exhibitions. Sadeghi describes his sound and video works as “animated graphical scores” in which image and sound are created in tandem through a finely tuned generative process, leaving both sources with the capacity to dictate the outcome of one another. His ongoing work with contemporary dance has made use of the spacialization of sound by playing through up to 12 speakers individually. In 2008 Sadeghi used the inside of a defunct nuclear cooling tower as a resonant chamber, amplifying and reshaping his sounds for a final composition.

Kamran Sadeghi’s work has received critical acclaim in publications such as The Wire Magazine, Signal To Noise, e/i and several international online publications. Sadeghi’s performances, collaborations and installations have been experienced at the Henry Art Gallery (Seattle), ICA (Boston), Diapason Gallery (New York), 4Culture (Seattle), Staalplaat (Berlin), Decibel Festival (Seattle), DTW (New York), Corcoran Gallery of Art (DC), RAM (Rome), SICMF (Seoul) and others. Kamran Sadeghi currently lives and works in New York City.