Tobias Hellkvist (b. 1984) is a Swedish composer and sound designer, working mainly within the field of ambient, drone and electroacoustic music. Blending the electronic with the organic, dense shimmering drones with intense ‘wall of sound’-textures, Hellkvists’ cinematic atmospheres has been referred to as dynamic, varied and “packed full of life”.

Having been described as “one of Sweden’s best kept secrets” when releasing his first widely distributed album on Home Normal back in 2010, Hellkvist has continued to evolve his sound throughout the years, experimenting his way forward combining the heavily processed soundscapes with the use of acoustic instruments, analog loops and, in some cases, a steady 4/4 beat.

His second album ‘Everything is Connected’, released on Home Normal in September 2012, reached critical acclaim and various blogs and magazines regarded it as one of the finest releases of the year. It was marked out as a continuation in the evolution of Hellkvists’ sound, and even though he rarely performs live, this culminated in a headline performance at The Vortex in London in March 2013.

After having released three fullength albums and three EP’s on various independent labels over a span of 5 years, as well as being a frequent contributor to several compilations and remix projects, Hellkvist has gained a strong following in Japan and parts of Europe and North America.

While also doing occasional production, mixing and mastering work for other artists and labels, Hellkvist currently spends his time between Stockholm and Copenhagen where he’s studying and pursuing a career as a composer and sound designer, while constantly working on new material for upcoming releases.