Cathedral Scan translates the architectural plans of Gothic cathedrals into open-ended musical scores via custom software. Treating the plans as a kind of map, in the live performance Carrington navigates through them to create diverse rhythms, drones and textures. The album is edited from a live concert in a large church space, and combines the direct signal created in software with the immense natural reverberation of the performance space.

Thanks to Kamran Sadeghi, Yann Novak, and everyone in Syracuse.

Track Listing

  1. Scan 01: Not Exeter
  2. Scan 02: Not Amiens-Notre Dame
  3. Scan 03: Not Salisbury
  4. Scan 04: Not Luebeck_X
  5. Scan 05: Not St. Denis
  6. Scan 06: Not Chartres
  7. Scan 07: Not Magdeburg-Tournai
  8. Scan 08: Not Bourges_X
  9. Scan 09: Not York-Standing Waves
  10. Scan 10: Horspielstreifen