Over the past 4 years, Dragon’s Eye Recordings has come to be a trusted resource where listeners can be exposed to emerging and mid-career artists in the field of contemporary electronic music and sound art. Named one of Textura’s ‘Top Ten Favorite Labels of 2009,’ Dragon’s Eye is kicking off 2010 with a free downloadable compilation.

Flowers are the traditional gift for a fourth anniversary and Flowers is Dragon’s Eye Recordings fourth anniversary compilation. On Flowers, Dragon’s Eye presents new and unreleased works by the upcoming 2010 roster of artists. The 2010 roster represents both newcomers and veterans of the label that are at the forefront of contemporary electronic music and sound art.

Track Listing

  1. Shinkei - Wu (for Luigi)
  2. i8u - Gallowalking
  3. Pierre Gerard - Lines/Lignes
  4. Tomas Phillips - Tablature I
  5. Yann Novak - Shortwaves to Longwaves
  6. Celer - A Lifetime of Wasted Breaths
  7. Wyndel Hunt - Rotation