id="post-579" class="post-579 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-aelab post_format-post-format-gallery" Ælab

Stéphane Claude is an electronic_acoustic composer and sound engineer.

His research integrates conceptual and physiological frameworks of audio recording for sound installations and performances. His interests are in the communication of physical and formal aesthetics as transductive experiences, through the exploration of digital signal processing, parameters of acoustics and sound in spaces.

His work has been published by ATAK(JP), LINE (US), ORAL (CA) and Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US).

In the summer of 1996, Ælab was initiated as an art research unit between Stéphane Claude and Gisèle Trudel, with the regular participation of other collaborators.
Ælab cristallizes their interest for an ecological awareness in the use of technology, as echoed in the arts, sciences, philosophies and shamanic traditions. Their work is shown internationally.

id="post-358" class="post-358 post type-post status-publish format-standard hentry category-artists tag-jason-bivins" Jason Bivins

Jason Bivins is from Washington, D.C. After playing in “rock” bands throughout high school and at Oberlin College (usually some amalgam of post-punk, metal, and prog), he went to graduate school at Indiana University, where he became active in free improvisation beginning in 1993. After playing in large ensembles, power trios, electroacoustic duos, and in solo performance, he formed the Jason Bivins Trio and, in 1999, Unstable Ensemble (which continues to exist and has recorded four albums). After moving to North Carolina in 2000 (where he teaches Religious Studies at North Carolina State University), Bivins began a long-standing association with percussionist Ian Davis, with whom he performs in a duo, in large ensembles (the defunct Micro-East Collective and the eNtet, units which performed with musicians like Dennis Gonzalez, Frank Gratkowski, and Chris Cutler, among others), and in the long-standing groups UE and the Impermanence Trio (with Richmond-based reeds player Jimmy Ghaphery). He has recently collaborated on a project with pianist Nobu Stowe, reedist Ross Bonadonna, and sound artist Lee Pembleton.

id="post-360" class="post-360 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-blake-carrington post_format-post-format-gallery" Blake Carrington

Blake Carrington (b. 1980) operates within the spheres of the sound, visual and media arts. His work in all of these forms is informed largely by cultural geography, landscape and architecture. The areas between these formalized spatial practices and the experiential qualities of sound and visual art practice are the main focus of his work.

In 2011 Carrington will be artist-in-residence at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Swing Space on Governors Island, and has recently completed residencies at HIAP in Helsinki, Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, and Rustines Lab in Montreal, where he performed his piece Cathedral Scan at Elektra International Digital Arts Festival. In 2009 he received his MFA from Syracuse University and was recipient of the Dorothea Ilgen Shaffer Fellowship. There, he co-founded the platform for outdoor projections called Urban Video Project, and in 2010 curated a series for UVP featuring Trevor Paglen, Jill Magid, Thomson & Craighead and Miranda Lichtenstein.

In addition to his work in sound and video, he also creates hi-res digital prints from custom Max/MSP/Jitter patches. His print series Loci_, exploring the questionable translation of field recordings to abstract landscape imagery, is in The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program in New York. Blake was born in Indiana and currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

id="post-363" class="post-363 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-celer post_format-post-format-gallery" Celer

Celer is the sound, visual, literary, and artistic endeavor of the husband and wife duo of Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long. Danielle was a teacher of special education and music therapy, a seasoned and published writer of poetry and prose, a painter, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist, also recording as Chubby Wolf. She had an extensive background in Gender Studies, Education, Basque History, Photography, and Tibetan Studies, as well as having lived in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States. She passed away on July 8, 2009 of heart failure.

Will is a published writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, having studied English, History, Creative Writing, Philosophy, and Literature, with a basic background in music. Will and Dani met each other in 2001, and remained close friends until 2006, when they became a couple. At this time they also began Celer, which had been up until this time a constant exchange of letters, music, and love. They were married in March of 2007.

In Will and Dani’s time together, they produced numerous custom, handmade self-releases, sound for installations and art exhibitions, as well as creating works for independent labels in North America, Japan, and Europe. Their intent was producing works that reflect the sincere nature and importance of love, the impermanence of life, and the spirit of togetherness, through a relative and absolute symposium of expression.

As of July 2009, all production of new works is ended. However, works completed before this time will continued to be published, as of which there are many, and will appear on many labels worldwide, as well as some to be self-published in the future. While an end to new production of works was not wished, it was necessary, as Celer was, and will always be Dani and Will.

id="post-364" class="post-364 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-clinker post_format-post-format-gallery" Clinker

GARY JAMES JOYNES is a sound artist, composer and visual artist from Edmonton, Canada. He is fascinated by the sources of electronic composition and the ever-evolving language of technology; objects and mechanisms stimulate his process. As CLINKER, his work explores meditative spaces and the kinesthetic and synesthetic effects of sound and visuals.

Recent work includes “On the Other Side…” a Live Cinema piece commissioned by the 2008 INTERNATIONAL LEONARD COHEN FESTIVAL. A film score for the NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA’S award winning feature documentary “DIRT” was composed by Clinker and premiered at the Vancouver DOXA Festival in May 2008. His 2007 Live Cinema performance work “Provody” was selected to open the MUTEK FESTIVAL 8TH. EDITION in Montreal.

CLINKER’S latest audio work entitled “On the Other Side… (for L.Cohen)” was released to critical acclaim on the Los Angeles Sound Art Label DRAGON’S EYE RECORDINGS in January of 2009. Through the Fall/Winter of 2009 Clinker was an artist in residence at the BANFF CENTRE OF THE ARTS (BNMI) advancing new ideas in visual music for future audio-visual sculptural installations.

Recent performances include ROULETTE MIXOLOGY FESTIVAL (New York), HIGH PERFORMANCE RODEO 2010 (Calgary), (((SOUNDWAVE))) (Vancouver Island), MUTEK_10 (Montreal), MUTEK_10 TOUR (Edmonton), EMMEDIA SONIC BOOM 2009 (Calgary), BANFF CENTRE – BNMI INTERACTIVE SCREEN (2008 & 2007 editions) and the 2008 LEONARD COHEN INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL.

The last few years have seen Clinker’s work performed and exhibited in Canada and abroad in festivals including TANZSTARTKLAR FESTIVAL 2008 (Graz, Austria), NEW FORMS FESTIVAL 2007 & 2003 (Vancouver), SPRAWL – INTERPLAY_4 FESTIVAL 2007 (Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Bristol), SEA OF SOUND FESTIVAL 2005 (The Works – Edmonton), MUTEK Le PLACARD FESTIVAL 2005 (Montreal), STANDART 2003 (Madrid, Spain). In May 2003 CLINKER made his premiere outside his native Alberta at the 2003 MUTEK Festival.

id="post-2690" class="post-2690 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-enrico-coniglio post_format-post-format-gallery" Enrico Coniglio

Guitarist, environmental sound recordist and sound artist, Enrico Coniglio (Venice, 1975) is a musician with an interest in the landscape aesthetics. Starting from his curiosity in experimenting within tonal variations of ambient music, with a particular referral to the soundscape of the Venice’s lagoon, his research aims at investigating the loss of identity of places and the uncertainty about the evolution of the territory.

His music, solo and collaborative works, have been featured by labels such as Fluid Audio, Crónica electronica, Gruen Rekorder, Taalem, Fear Drop/Fario, Glacial Movements, Hypnos, Psychonavigation, Silentes, Touch/Spire, just to name  a few. He has performed at various venues, festivals and art-galleries, most notably at The Big Chill (Birmingham), Hydrophonia (Barcelona), Flussi (Avellino), Teatro Fondamente Nuove (Venice), Café Oto (London), O’ (Milan), Störung Festival (Barcelona), Liminaria (Benevento), Aquamatrix (Avellino), Stazione Topolove (Topolò).

Together with Leandro Pisano he runs the digital label Galaverna. Enrico is member of AIPS – Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori.

id="post-365" class="post-365 post type-post status-publish format-gallery has-post-thumbnail hentry category-artists category-featured tag-robert-crouch post_format-gallery" Robert Crouch

Robert Crouch is a Los Angeles based artist and curator who works across a wide range of media including photography, sound, installation, video, and sculpture. He has exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London, and performed at venues including the Art Center College of Design, Human Resources, the Hammer Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Stone.

He is the co-founding Director of VOLUME, a curatorial project that functions as a catalyst for interdisciplinary new media work through exhibitions, performances, events, lectures, and publications, and has worked with a wide range of artists including William Basinski, Nate Boyce, Richard Chartier, Loren Chasse, Tim Hecker, France Jobin, Kadet Kuhne, Lucky Dragons, Carsten Nicolai, Yann Novak, Steve Roden, and Christopher Willits. VOLUME has presented projects at venues including the Hammer Museum, the de Young Museum, the San Francisco Art Institute, and SF Camerawork.

Crouch is the former Associate Director/Curator at LACE, where he organized Resonant Forms, an electronic music festival exploring the relationship between sound, installation, and video, and curated exhibitions with artists Karen Lofgren, Sean Sullivan, and Margo Victor. In 2012 he organized Steve Roden: Shells, Bells, Steps and Silences and Group Dynamics and Improper Light, a new project with Los Angeles artist Gina Osterloh. He is currently curating a new project with artist Taisha Paggett and co-curating a survey of performance work of the late Chilean artist, Juan Downey as part of the Getty initiative, Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.

Crouch is currently the Director of Artist Programs at Pasadena Arts Council and the Curator for the AxS Festival.

id="post-366" class="post-366 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-chubby-wolf post_format-post-format-gallery" Chubby Wolf

Danielle Baquet (July 31, 1982 – July 8, 2009) was a musician from Huntington Beach, California. She is known for her collaboration with Will Long in the band Celer, and for her extensive solo work under the moniker Chubby Wolf. Danielle was a teacher of special education, a writer, poet, painter, photographer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist. Both her self releases and post-mortem releases under the name Chubby Wolf have gained substantial following and review.

She died on July 8, 2009 of heart failure.

id="post-2312" class="post-2312 post type-post status-publish format-gallery has-post-thumbnail hentry category-artists category-featured tag-robert-curgenven post_format-gallery" Robert Curgenven

“Curgenven makes the point that sounds are fundamental to our perception of the world… hearing the complexities of a place and time is intersected by memories of the familiar which are in turn displaced and transformed.” Realtime Magazine (AUS)

Robert Curgenven is an Ireland-based Australian composer employing sound as a physical field of perception. His work encourages us to consider our physical experience of sound: how it shapes our understanding of our embodiment; what it tells us about this embodiment and of how we inhabit space, both individually and collectively as an audience; and how the auditory shapes our perception of time and duration. For him sound is weather and his work entreats us to feel and hear air. His live performances, installations and album releases span pipe organ through to feedback, immersive resonances via turntables and custom-made vinyl, as well as carefully detailed field recordings from remote areas in Australia where he lived for many years. The Wire surmises that “behind the music—to these ears at any rate—lurk such [disparate] presences as Alvin Lucier, King Tubby, Murray Schafer and Eliane Radigue.”

From beginnings over 30years ago as a classically trained organist, the past ten years have seen him release work on labels such as LINE, The Tapeworm, Winds Measure and his own Recorded Fields Editions. Curgenven has performed extensively across Australia and Europe, including TodaysArt festival (Den Haag/NL), Ultrahang Festival (Budapest), Sonic Acts (Amsterdam), Cork Film Festival, Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art (Gdansk), Leipzig Gallery for Contemporary Art, Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art (Darwin) as well as residencies in Milan (O’), Venice (C32/Forte Marghera), Rotterdam (Worm), Berlin (Transit Lounge) and Alice Springs (Art/Land/Culture). He has presented sound, audiovisual and sculptural work in group exhibitions for Transmediale (Berlin), 10 Years of Microsound (Diapason Gallery, New York), National Film & Sound Archive (Australia) as well as galleries throughout Australia, Italy, France, UK, Germany including National Gallery of Australia (Canberra) and a solo exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Torun (Poland).

id="post-367" class="post-367 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-jamie-drouin post_format-post-format-gallery" Jamie Drouin

Jamie Drouin’s (Canadian, b.1970) soundwork explores the subtleties of experience, with a specific interest in the way audio can dramatically alter perceptions of both physical and temporal space. Incorporating field recordings and synthesized sounds, Drouin’s works create intricately detailed patterns and textures which, while retaining references to corporeal sources, seek to expand and transform audience perceptions of familiar habitat.

Drouin has collaborated with several international artists including Skoltz Kolgen, Karl Kliem, Yann Novak, 3x3is9, Lance Olsen and others. He has exhibited and performed worldwide, including Mutek (Montreal), Decibel Festival (Seattle), the Montréal Museum of Contemporary Art, Henry Art Gallery (Seattle), General Public (Berlin), Chateau Rouge (Prague), La Placard (Montreal). His compositions have been published on Oral, Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Rope Swing Cities, Infrequency, and Cryoworks.

Drouin is the co-founder of Infrequency Editions curating works by a diverse group of sound artists, and performs as one half of the minimal-dub group Overcast Sound.

id="post-799" class="post-799 post type-post status-publish format-gallery has-post-thumbnail hentry category-artists category-featured tag-lawrence-english post_format-gallery" Lawrence English

Lawrence English is composer, media artist and curator based in Australia. Working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work prompts questions of field, perception and memory. English utilises a variety of approaches including live performance and installation to create works that ponder subtle transformations of space and ask audiences to become aware of that which exists at the edge of perception.

Over the past decade, English’s sonic investigations have traversed a divergent path through which musical languages and environmental sources are granted equal focus. His work calls into question the established relationships of sound and structure. English’s sound work is evocative and invites the listener to explore their own narratives and impressions informed by personal histories and experiences. Published widely on respected imprints including Touch, 12K and Winds Measure, English’s work is sculpted and overwhelmingly intricate. The Wire noted his ‘use of space and silence is remarkable’, and U.S. sound journal Signal To Noise described the Ghost Towns work as ‘extraordinarily gorgeous modern music concréte’.

As a producer, English has completed numerous projects with artists including Tujiko Noriko (U, Blurred In My Mirror), Ben Frost (Theory Of Machines) and Tenniscoats (Totemo Aimasho, Temporacha). He has also completed commissioned compositions for acclaimed performance troupe Circa and other contemporary dance ensembles and has worked as a sound designer on video installations in collaboration with artists including Australian visualist Craig Walsh. His music has also been used in a number of films including a commission from Makino Takashi to create a composition for The Low Storm in 2009.

English’s installation and gallery practice is concerned predominately with challenging the understandings and expectations of site specificity, sound and media. His 2008 ‘Trio For Objects’ exhibition presented three discrete sound installations (kinetic, prepared and sculptural) which when experienced in unison created a ‘related sound field’. In addition the 3-screen video installation Ghost Towns, seeks to create an abstract ‘virtual map’ of remote Australian spaces. In 2006 English produced a series of sound art works specifically for the deaf and hearing impaired under the title ‘Silence Listening’. These works were amongst the first of their kind in the world, exploring and examining the notions of isolation and sonic interaction within these oft-marginalized communities.

Outside of his recording and art commissions, Lawrence English curates a number of ongoing sound and media programs including Mono at the Institute Of Modern Art and Syncretism at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. He produces the annual Room40 festival Open Frame (in Australia and London) and co-produces a number of other festivals including Sound Polaroids, Liquid Architecture and Frankly!. He continues to curate numerous conceptually driven art projects including Melatonin – Meditations On Sound In Sleep (for Next Wave Festival), Airport Symphony (for the Queensland Music Festival), Small Scores (for Valley Fiesta) and Audible Geography (for University Of Tasmania). He has presented radiophonic works with the ABC, Deutschland Radio, ORF (Austria’s National Broadcaster) and for the BBC’s World Service. He has written for many music and culture publications, catalogues and online outlets The Wire, Paris Transatlantic, Cyclic Defrost, and numerous online outlets.

English’s imprint and multi-arts organisation ::ROOM40:: maintains a steady release schedule from an eclectic array of Australian and international artists.

id="post-368" class="post-368 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-fourm post_format-post-format-gallery" Fourm

FOURM began in 2007 as an experimental offshoot of the highly successful Level project, taking a more exploratory and investigative approach to sound outside of the established frameworks and boundaries of composition.

FOURM attempts to re-site and reconfigure sound, taking it beyond the level of passive entertainment, by creating structures and atmospheres that work in harmony with personal space, and within, and through architecture (dubbed .ARCHISONICS. by the artist).

More recently, FOURM has been working on microsonic, and particulate structures, taking examples from a fusion of natural, architectural, and pure sculptural form. Rather than being interpreted as music, these auditory formations should be approached as temporal sculpture created with sound, at once fixed and recorded, yet emerging from a fluid and transitional digital medium.

id="post-369" class="post-369 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-corey-fuller post_format-post-format-gallery" Corey Fuller

Born 1976, Corey Fuller is a sound artist and musician from Tokyo, Japan currently residing in Bellingham, Washington, USA. His family moved to Japan in 1983 where he spent 20+ years. His experiences there attending Japanese public schools, traveling across the Japanese landscape and growing up in a rural environment proximate to Tokyo have largely shaped his aesthetic and artistic vision. Geography and a sense of place are major components of Fuller’s music which incorporate field recordings from the various places that he has traveled to and resided in. Fuller’s music is a slow and gradual music composed of a myriad of infinitesimal details that only reveal themselves upon repeated listens. Comprised of processed and delicately treated acoustic instruments and other sound sources [accordion, acoustic/electric guitars, piano, rhodes, percussion, gongs, temple bells, vibraphone, glockenspiel, melodica, hammered dulcimer etc.] his music is at once organic and synthetic, austere and ornate, minimal and yet dense; often using a minimum of source material to create dense yet spacious arrangements and layers of sound that gradually evolve over time. References to the initial source materials are often obscured, and are processed and resynthesized into entirely new sounds which only intimate at their origins.

id="post-2694" class="post-2694 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-gamino post_format-post-format-gallery" Gamino

Gamino aka Carmine Minichiello is a musician, producer, sound engineer and sound artist based in Irpinia. A former member of MOUproject, winner of the Arezzo Wave festival in 2002. Today he is a member of JAMBASSA, the duo with which he release e.p, remixes and tracks on various compilations and that allowed him to play in several European cities. Co-founder of FLUSSI new media arts festivals, he collaborate on various events related to digital arts. He also works as A&R for AQUIETBUMP, an Irpinian label devoted to dub and that is currently identified as one of the most influential online label of net-audio dub scene.

id="post-371" class="post-371 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-ian-hawgood post_format-post-format-gallery" Ian Hawgood

Ian Hawgood is a resident of Tokyo and London. Using collected locale recordings and a variety of instruments, the work under his civil name concentrates on organic tones and micro-elements. Through static, decay and bursts of melody, the music slowly evolves and devolves along its linear path to a point of meditation upon place, location and ‘home’.

Currently working as a high-school teacher and sound designer, he also curates the Home Normal, Tokyo Droning and Nomadic Kids Republic labels.

id="post-2449" class="post-2449 post type-post status-publish format-gallery has-post-thumbnail hentry category-artists category-featured tag-tobias-hellkvist post_format-gallery" Tobias Hellkvist

Tobias Hellkvist (b. 1984) is a Swedish composer and sound artist, currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Whilst being best known musically for his ambient, drone and electroacoustic output, where he blends electronic and organic sound worlds together, he’s also been active within genres such as punk, folk and indie rock since the early 2000’s, both as a solo artist and in different bands.

After releasing his first widely distributed solo album back in 2010, Hellkvist has gained worldwide recognition for his music in which he combines dense layers of heavily processed drones and synthesized textures with acoustic instruments and field recordings. His cinematic atmospheres has been referred to as dynamic, varied and “packed full of life”.

Over the years, Hellkvist has been taking part in various collaborations, compilations and remix projects, and has gained a strong following in Japan and parts of Europe and North America. He’s performed live shows in Copenhagen, London and Los Angeles and his music has been used in commercial films, art installations and dance performances.

Born in a small town outside of Malmö in the very south of Sweden, Hellkvist most recently spent 2 years in Stockholm pursuing digital media studies, followed by a move to Copenhagen where he’s been working full-time as a professional sound designer and foley artist since 2015, while also doing occasional production, mixing and mastering work for other artists and labels.

id="post-372" class="post-372 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-wyndel-hunt post_format-post-format-gallery" Wyndel Hunt

From 2005 to 2010 Wyndel Hunt produced four recordings with Dragon’s Eye: Fascillations (2005), Nk Ak (2007), Unit of Selection (2008), and Sunshine Noir (2010). His work also appeared on the first, third, and fourth Dragon’s Eye anniversary compilations. During this time he exhibited and performed in galleries, public spaces, and live venues, alone and in collaboration with visual artists.

id="post-2316" class="post-2316 post type-post status-publish format-gallery has-post-thumbnail hentry category-artists category-featured tag-miguel-isaza post_format-gallery" Miguel Isaza

Based in Medellin, Colombia, Miguel is dedicated to philosophy and sound in multiple ways, including composition, performance and research. He co-directs the Éter laboratory besides various research projects aimed to explore diverse territories of sound and listening, with that participating in concerts, publications and educational processes.

His compositional work calls for a silent activity, an attentive listening that is present in the intuitive exploration of the sonic phenomenon, exposing its subtle and textural qualities, especially those present in the perception of time scales, thus generating sonic collages between micro and marco realms which result in a reflection towards morphology, space and emptiness; a process usually done by processing and combining field recordings, found objects/instruments and sine waves.

id="post-373" class="post-373 post type-post status-publish format-gallery has-post-thumbnail hentry category-artists category-featured tag-i8u post_format-gallery" France Jobin

France Jobin is a sound / installation / artist, composer and curator residing in Montreal, Canada. Her audio art can be qualified as “sound-sculpture”, revealing a minimalist approach to complex sound environments where analog and digital intersect. Her installations express a parallel path, incorporating both musical and visual elements inspired by the architecture of physical spaces. Her works can be “experienced” in a variety of unconventional spaces and new technology festivals across Canada, the United States, South America, South Africa, Europe and Japan.

Jobin has created solo recordings for popmuzik records (JP), bake/staalplaat (NL), ROOM40 (AU), nvo (AT), DER (US), ATAK (JP), murmur records (JP), Baskaru (FR) and the prestigious LINE label (US). Jobin’s sound art is also part of countless compilation albums, notably on the ATAK (JP), bremsstrahlung (US), Mutek (CA), murmur records (JP), and/oar (US), tsuku boshi (FR), everest records (CH), and Contour Editions (US) labels. She is also featured in the influential book and recording, Extract, Portraits of Soundartists (book + 2 cd), released on the nonvisualobjects label (AT). The collaborative album ligne, created with sound artist Tomas Phillips, was released on the ATAK label (JP).

Her installations and screenings have been shown internationally at museums and festivals. Her work P Orbital released on LINE (Valence, LINE054) was presented in the context of ESCUCHAS, a first sound art exhibit for the Museum of Modern Art in Medellin, Colombia. P Orbital was also presented at CONTEXT-ing / Listening as CONTEXT at the Miami Art Fair in Florida, Call & Response, London Uk as well as  at the Haunted formalism exhibit in LA curated by Volume.  An invitation to the AIR Artist-In-Residence program in Krems, Austria enabled her to create und transit, a sound installation set in the MinoritenKirche cloister in Stein (AT).  Her two ongoing collaborations with visual artist Cédrick Eymenier (FR) have resulted in EVENT HORIZON, an audio/video piece, and The Answer, a movie, with the soundtrack by France Jobin and Stephan Mathieu. EVENT HORIZON was screened in Paris (2010), at the Venezuela Biennale in Merida state (2010) and was performed live at the Torrance Art Museum in Los Angeles (2010) and ISEA RUHR 2010 (DE). The Answer was screened at IAC, Villeurbanne, France in March – May 2016. In 2011, Jobin was one of five international artists selected to present her sound installation, Entre-Deux, in the new media exhibit Data/Fields, curated by Richard Chartier at Artisphere in the Washington, DC area, along with Ryoji Ikeda, Mark Fell, Caleb Coppock, and Andy Graydon. Her proposition received critical acclaim from the national press. Her latest audio visual collaboration: “Mirror Neurons” with sound artist Fabio Perletta (IT) and xx+xy visuals (IT) was screened as a world premiere at A x S / ak-sis / FESTIVAL 2014 | CURIOSITY as part of the Synergetica Screening in Los Angeles in September 2014. In October 2015, France was invited to take part in an artist residency at EMPAC (Troy,NY) which resulted in the creation of a new light sound work entitled 4.35 – R0 – 413, a collaboration with Alena Samoray, lighting designer.

She has also participated in numerous music and new technology festivals such as Mutek (Montreal, 2001, 2004 – 2009), EM15 (Montreal 2014), EMPAC (US 2011, 2015), roBOT 8 (Italy 2015) Angelica Festival (Italy 2016), Portobeseno (Italy 2014), Interferenze – Liminaria (Italy 2014), Flussi Media Arts Festival (Italy 2014), FIMAV,  SEND + RECEIVE (Winnipeg, 2003, 2005), Club Transmediale (Berlin, 2004), Shut up and Listen (Vienna, 2009), ISEA RUHR 2010 (Germany), the surface tension tour (Japan, 2012) and the Symétrie tour (Japan 2016).

She initiated “immersound”, a concert event/philosophy, which proposes the creation of a dedicated listening environment by focusing on the physical comfort of the audience within a specifically designed space. The premise of “immersound” is to seek out/explore new perceptions in and experiences of the listening process by pushing the notion of “immersion” to its possible limits. She created and produced “immersound” from 2011 to 2015 at Oboro in Montreal.

She was a finalist at the Sonic Arts Awards 2014 (IT) in the Sonic Research category.  In January 2013, the Conseil québécois de la musique (CQM) awarded the prestigious Opus Prize for Concert of the year to France Jobin for her concert at AKOUSMA 8.

Jobin’s work continues to evolve as technologies enable her to create new environments.

id="post-374" class="post-374 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-lissom post_format-post-format-gallery" Lissom

Tana Sprague (Lissom) is a sound + video artist, transfixed with micro details. With focus fluctuating between digital and organic, her work creates a space where one complements the other. Inspired by the elegant complexity of organic forms, she utilizes various electronic and digital devices to synthesize a similar enveloping intricacy. Her approach is primarily intuitive, but may also incorporate generative processes that either directly inform the structure, or become the perceptual data itself. By seeping through perceptual mechanisms, her intention is to manipulate awareness of time, space, place and scale.

Her foundation in electronic music, and new media theory and practice was constructed while completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts at the University of California at San Diego. During this time she received the unique honor of being granted two consecutive research fellowships at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology. Sprague was also awarded the Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Artistic Achievement Award for the work culminated while investigating Sonification and Visualization, and Networked Multimedia Performance. She completed her education at Mills College, receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Music and Recording Media. A skilled producer, programmer, sound engineer, electronic hardware artist, video editor, and live visualist, she has privately served as technical advisor to a variety of musicians and artists, including Jack Ox, and Alvin Curran.

Currently, she is the Production Manager and Assistant Director of Recombinant Media Labs in San Francisco. For the past four years she has worked closely with RML founder and Director Naut Humon, assisting in technical development, and producing events for artist such as Ryoji Ikeda, Biosphere, Carsten Nicolai and Blixa Bargeld, Pan Sonic, Richard Devine, Florian Hecker, Yasunao Tone, Semiconductor, Skoltz_Kolgen, Morton Subotnick, Curtis Roads, and Thomas Köner.

id="post-4311" class="post-4311 post type-post status-publish format-standard has-post-thumbnail hentry category-artists category-featured tag-marc-kate" Marc Kate

Originally trained as a filmmaker and visual artist, San Francisco based producer and composer Marc Kate applies cinematic and conceptual approaches to music and audio production.

As a response to the tech culture assault on San Francisco (and the world), Kate takes up the tools of the trade — computers and synthesis — and slyly counter-attacks, asserting humanity precisely where humanity is being evacuated. He creates a counterpoint to tech’s speed and greed — slow, immersive, materialist, drifting.

But Kate also draws from his history in San Francisco’s synth-punk and techno scenes, emerging to create stripped-down, static experiments in synthesis.

He leads the electronic post-punk band Never Knows and has released solo material on labels Computer Tapes, Jacktone, Loöq, HNYTRX, Trip Show, Treehouse Muzique and Air Texture, and his own imprints Untitled & After and Failing Forms.

He has collaborated with dark cabaret iconoclast Vinsantos, composed soundtracks for choreographers Monique Jenkinson and Keith Hennessy (Circo Zero), and contributed to the soundtrack of cult horror film All About Evil. In 2012 he launched the podcast Why We Listen, where he interviews a varied range cultural practitioners about their relationship to music. In 2016 he began the podcast Scary Thoughts: Horror, Philosophy, Culture with writer Chad Lott. He has composed music for the audio tour of the Clyfford Still room at the SFMOMA, performed at the De Young Museum and was featured in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts’ Bay Area Now 7 and was an artist in residence at Land and Sea in Oakland, CA.

id="post-375" class="post-375 post type-post status-publish format-gallery hentry category-artists tag-marc-manning post_format-post-format-gallery" Marc Manning

Marc Manning is a artist and musician living and working in San Francisco. He has released music under the monikers, legend of boggy creek, everything is fine, red weather tigers, and heavy lids. He has performed extensively on the east and west coasts over the past 10 years. Manning is a veteran of several Philadelphia atmospheric bands, the shoe gazer art rock of “the legend of boggy creek” and cave core rock of “everything is fine”.Likewise his visual art has been well exhibited on both coasts. In 2004 manning exhibited a show of abstract photographs at Disjecta gallery in Portland OR which featured an audio cd to accompany the images. Based on the music from that exhibit Dragons eye recordings released “things are happening at the same time” in 2006 which was packaged with a hand made book of Mannings drawings. This release marked the beginning of a creative relationship between composer and label director of dragons eye Yann Novak which has since inspired several critically lauded collaborative recordings.

id="post-2667" class="post-2667 post type-post status-publish format-gallery has-post-thumbnail hentry category-artists category-featured tag-marco-marzuoli post_format-gallery" Marco Marzuoli

Marco Marzuoli (1982) is a Città Sant’Angelo based artist and curator whose practice includes sound, still and moving image, often interwoven in the shape of installation. He uses improvised composition to exploring his contemplations. Marco’s research describes a tangible outcome that results from an audio-visual self-analysis aimed at the elimination of surplus and the rediscovery of identity. The artist is author of a universe of images in balance between reality and unconscious, stimulus and spontaneous reaction, sounds and visions, where the subjects are sometimes the result of ritualistic layers, other times of interventions over the passage of time. His works are often part of the project How To Cure Our Soul, shared with Alessandro Sergente.

Marco also works as curator for Lux and Museolaboratorio.

id="post-2278" class="post-2278 post type-post status-publish format-gallery has-post-thumbnail hentry category-artists category-featured tag-darren-mcclure post_format-gallery" Darren McClure

Darren McClure is a sound artist living in Matsumoto, Japan.  His work focuses on texture, space and atmosphere.  Sound sources are both analogue and digital, hardware and software, incorporating found sounds and field recordings to lend an organic, tactile quality to the pieces.  His main intent is to create sound to both zone out to and zone into, a balance of widescreen drones and more minimal, abstract ambience.

He has released solo and collaborative work on a number of labels, across various formats.  His music has also been used in conjunction with video work and documentary shorts.

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