Best of Lists: der012
    Headphone Commute & Unknown Tone Records. Read More
    Fluid Radio: de6018
    Running water must be up there alongside birdsong, passing cars, and church bells as one of the most frequently heard sounds in contemporary field recording. Is there anything new that can be done with such a sound? A group of Italian musicians and sound… Read More
    Top 30 Drone Records Of 2016
    The minimal-est of the minimals, crank the shit out of this one and get lost in Robert’s microtonal field recordings from 15 of James Turrell’s Skyspaces (in 9 countries!), each one documenting the subtle shifts in weather & geography from site to site, 2… Read More
    Headphone Commute: de6018
    Yann Novak’s Dragon’s Eye Recordings treats us to five experimental, minimal, and sound design pieces by Enrico Coniglio, Gamino, Attilio Novellino, Fabio Perletta,  and SEC_. “Aqua Matrix is an investigation into the aesthetics of water, a research and artistic experiment about one of the most fundamental elements in… Read More
    Headphone Commute: de6019
    Marco Marzuoli‘s Senza Titolo is a single track, thirty-two-minute drone, and honestly, I wish that it would go on much longer. There’s just something about its extending, muted, and evolving structures that makes me rewind the album to the very start, once its soft-hued and delicate… Read More
    SoWhat: de6018
    Un’affascinante indagine sull’elemento naturale alla base di ogni forma di vita è il contenuto di “Aqua Matrix”. Pubblicato da Dragon’s Eye Recordings, il disco raccoglie le narrazioni di cinque diversi autori nate da altrettanti brevi residenze artistiche in Irpinia. Il viaggio comincia dalle essenziali e… Read More
    AmbientBlog: de6017
    This 31 minute piece is (once again!) a stereo version of what originally was a quadrophonic live performance. Tim Westcott, sound artist from Portland, Oregon, started with field recordings from the region of Cascadia, a region known for its diverse climates and bodies of water. The found… Read More
    AirBerlin Magazine: der012
    Why make the long journey to see Turrell's installations when you can listen to them in your own home? Sound artist Robert Curgenven travelled to 15 Skyspaces and turned them into instruments that play on his new album. he achieves this by capturing the… Read More
    SoWhat: de6019
    Un vaporoso flusso di eterea densità informa il nuovo capitolo del percorso personale intrapreso da Marco Marzuoli attraverso la recente pubblicazione di “Appunti” per la éter. “Senza Titolo”, che esce per la Dragon’s Eye Recordings,  come il suo predecessore è costituito da un’unica traccia che si svolge… Read More
    Beach Sloth: de6019
    With a crystal clear sense of calm, Marco Marzuoli’s “Senza Titolo” is a transcendent piece of art. Over the course of the singular stately piece Marco Marzuoli employs a wide variety of approaches utilizing them with the utmost emphasis on the sublime. Feedback, looping,… Read More