Review / 11.17.2016

Beach Sloth: de6019

With a crystal clear sense of calm, Marco Marzuoli’s “Senza Titolo” is a transcendent piece of art. Over the course of the singular stately piece Marco Marzuoli employs a wide variety of approaches utilizing them with the utmost emphasis on the sublime. Feedback, looping, layering, these are play a role in creating such a warm welcoming sound. Best of all is the gradual evolution that takes picture as if Marco Marzuoli is painting with the sound and the picture becomes clearer with each reiteration. Small gestures go a long way over the course of the piece which unfurls with great grace.

A mere whisper introduces the piece. Quite far away the sound travels a vast distance. Like a glimmer of light it glows with optimism. Classical elements appear to float into the general mix as Marco Marzuoli creates a number of different layers, one on top of the other to transform the small expressions into something quite transfixing. By doing this the song retains its mysterious origin. Even with the attention to detail, the careful editing, Marco Marzuoli gives the sound a heart and soul. This is thanks to the relatively organic origins of the aural atmosphere. Cleverly Marco Marzuoli never loses sight of this beginning. Towards the end of the piece Marco Marzuoli strips away the lower register, the bass, to reveal an angelic choir that soars into the heavens.

Texturally gorgeous and simply stunning in its sweeping sound, Marco Marzuoli’s “Senza Titolo” is a true gem.
Beach Sloth