Review / 10.01.2008

de5018 – The Wire

On the face of it, Through Thickness would appear to be another installment of impeccably high-minded electronic composition for Yann Novak’s Seattle based Dragon’s Eye label. And so it is – all obsessively-honed digitalia and crisp, ultra-percice editing. But the austerity of the conception and rigor of the sonic processing is counterbalanced by a satisfyingly physical thrust; Through Thickness forms part of Sadeghi’s Kha series, which sets out to explore the possibilities of rhythm. The polyrhythmic complexity on display here is strangely reminiscent of the tabla patterns of indian classical music – firm downbeat buffeted by a stream of lighter accents, occasional pulseless longeurs suddenly revitalized by a flurry of perfectly calibrated and finely modulated impacts.
– The Wire