Brittle Stars / Yann Novak
Long Distance Vol. 3

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is pleased to release the third installment in its 3″ CD-R series, Long Distance. This volume features a collaboration between Yann Novak and Kev Rolfe (Brittle Stars). Recorded during Novak’s stay in Manchester, this installment of Long Distance continues the previous volumes theme of two artists that have never met collaborating in person. Beginning with a rippling mantra-like melody that slowly distorts into a complex and rhythmic play, the single track, “Melody to Maelstrom,” works to maintain the structure of the original melody. The slight hint of rhythm leads to a hypnotic state as the tones become more distorted; and eventually everything bleeds into complete abstraction. The piece comes full-circle in the end, commenting on the transition from simplicity to complexity, and back again.