After the acclaim for his debut EP Eve, Dragon’s Eye Recordings is pleased to announce the re-release of Fortresses’ Spring. The single, which the artist self-released in 2020, is an exquisite companion to Eve

As the Northern Hemisphere closes in on the shortest days while the Southern soon slides into summer, Spring also slowly rotates through gentle transitions. Lush and airy sounds bring an embodied awareness reminiscent of the early morning: Drones, like the sun, slowly ascend with growing radiance. The subtle melody, like a dawning, heartens the darkness behind our eyes to become a soft glowing amber, crimson, gold. Calmly, from the hints of static and quite knocks, we awaken.

In these gestures of revival and renewal, Spring serves as an antidote to the dreary slough of winter; it reminds of that warmth that gathers before summer. It manifests the pleasant, ethereal moments at the end of a night’s sleep, just before opening our eyes, lingering in the amber; it shares the hope of a new season twinkling upon the horizon.