antxnio graz

Dragon’s Eye Recordings presents LOADING//:fluids, the debut release of Andalusian composer and sound artist antxnio graz. An EP in three movements, LOADING//:fluids presents a portal to the sonic universe of an imagined ecosystem, rooted in queer and gender theories. Throughout the EP, the philosophical informs the textural as the compositions unfold around field recordings and reflections on rest in cybernetic times.

LOADING//:fluids began to flourish at the Foundation Antonio Gala, an artist residency located in a 17th-century convent in Cordoba, Spain. During the year they were the composer-in-Residence, antxnio reflected on and created different works about siesta, contemplation, and the mysticism of doing nothing in a liquid world.

The three tracks on LOADING//:fluids are based on the idea of an ecosystem where technology, nature and biology have come together in an organic database. The first movement and introduction, “ENTER//:,” features voices and synthesizers processed by Holly Herndon’s AI, Holly+. The main piece, “cadenza liquid,” is based on an improvisation through the voice of the poet Antonio Gala. And in the final and most contemplative movement, “… until everything is fluid,” we hear speeches and whispers dissolving amidst a bath of sonic textures.