Victoria Wijeratne
Graces & Muses

On Graces & Muses, her first release with Dragon’s Eye Recordings, award-winning composer Victoria Wijeratne explores the breadth of her musical intuition and the many faces of grace.

Integrating cinematic string flourishes and propulsive electronic drums, Wijeratne’s first release outside her work for film and television knows no sonic bounds. And yet, while Wijeratne casts a remarkably wide musical net over the course of these four tracks, we’re never left feeling unmoored. Rare is a skill that can lead us seamlessly from title track “Graces and Muses,” which opens on a laden piano ostinato that blooms into searching strings, to EP closer “Above and Beyond,” which features the honied vocal melodies and refrains of singer-songwriter Rita Niemba. But Wijeratne’s understanding of how to forge silver screen emotivity breathes warmth and unity into these songs, even as they evoke the wintery stoicness of the EP’s cover. And though we travel far afield — through synth-wrapped rhythm and the voice of Kadeem Speaks Jeudy who’s soliloquy drifts over the hum of cicadas and the sound of the beach — we always find our way home.  “Can you feel everything? / Can you reach the air?” Niemba asks when we arrive at the final song. And it’s clear that throughout her reaching across genres, Wijeratne ascends to a sense of grace made possible only through her commitment to feeling it all and following her muses wherever they take her.