Spiral: A Continuation

Dragon’s Eye Recordings presents Pé’s Spiral: A Continuation. Extrapolating on the sonic world presented in his 2019 release Spiral, Pé’s newest release reflects the possibilities that exist in repetition, revisitation, and distillation.

On both Spiral and Spiral: A Continuation, Pé layers synthesizers and processed cassette recorders to create melancholic drones that defy their own density, suggesting a permeation of light and silence. With minimal keyboard triggers and sequencing, Pé generates cross-modulation and wave interference that falls out of sync as it slowly evolves, only to realign by the end of each piece. Through this process Pé explores the coexistence of repetition and unfamiliarity: the habit of ignoring the path well-traveled, and the impulse to dwell on the past.

On A Continuation, the drones are stripped to their most essential parts, the frequencies bare and pointed, ensconced in white noise and sounds of Bandar-Abbās’s city life—the honking of a horn, the whirring of an engine. Synths sizzle and fray, expand and dissolve. There is a quiet reflectivity that juxtaposes the booming viscosity of the album’s predecessor and speaks to the multitudes that can exist in moments of quiet.

In the words of the artist:

“as inevitable as change, so is repetition. as time dives upward, 
the tamed chaos of reality branches across possibilities, 
propelled by choice and probability. each branch determines
and determined by others.”