Tyler Potts
Music for Dance + 52 Songs

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is proud to announce the release of the debut album by Tyler Potts Music For Dance + 52 Songs. Presented as a Double CD, disc one in audio format and disc two in mp3 format Music for Dance + 52 Songs contains two bodies of work for Potts. On the first Potts explores the movement and repetition of modern dance in these eleven improvised compositions originally commissioned by LAUNCH Dance Theater ,Left Field Dance and choreographer Heather Budd as a part of the Bridge Project. Second is his highly acclaimed 52 Songs project, where he produced a song a week for a year. Originating as a web based diary of sorts. 52 Songs finds Potts melodies and arrangements transcend the toy keyboards he plays to manifest in a truly emotional moving sound. Presented here in chronological order in their entirety in 320kbps mp3 format. Collaborators – Lui Ferrera 9, Justin Gitlin 11& 22, Moses Montalvo 15, Joe Sampson 19, Anne Angyal 33, Jeff Stevens 50.