Wyndel Hunt / Thom Heileson
Unit of Selection

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is pleased to present the release of Unit of Selection, a collaboration between Wyndel Hunt and digital media artist Thom Heileson, in which Heileson’s films are interpretations of Hunt’s sound pieces. The collaboration grew organically out of the realization that the two artists had similar aesthetic and conceptual goals, wherein Hunt’s sound works and Heileson’s video works speak a kindred language–via different media. Unit of Selection aims to fashion new perceptual sculptures, in which the textural fluctuations and movements of each medium carve into one another.

The process began with Hunt’s sound compositions, which are motivated by an unstructured emotional template. This template, combined with the idea of an “anonymous force that shapes,” determined the aesthetic order of pitch, tone, and volume. Heileson then created the imagery with an interpretive visualization process, articulating emotive tonalities that paralleled Hunt’s compositions. The results emphasize Hunt and Heileson’s shared desire to represent the movement of abstract objects in an imagined perceptual space. Versions of the pieces included in Unit of Selection have been installed in galleries in San Diego and Seattle.