On the Other Side... (for L. Cohen)

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is pleased to present On the Other Side… (for L. Cohen) by Clinker (Edmonton, AB). On the Other Side… (for L. Cohen) originated as a live cinema performance commissioned by the 2008 Leonard Cohen International Festival in Edmonton, Alberta. With On the Other Side… (for L. Cohen), Clinker explores Cohen’s continued romance with the light and dark inside our human experience. Using the lush bass tones of Cohen’s voice as a point of departure, Clinker deconstructs and reassembles Cohen’s voice into dreamlike soundscapes.

On the Other Side… (for L. Cohen) was created using analog synthesis, processing, and his own voice. Clinker’s vocals have become a major sound source for creating harmonic layers and overtones and were used extensively in this piece. This work continues his interest in meditative spaces and the kinesthetic and synesthetic effects of sound.