Breeze of Roses

Breeze of Roses began in late 2005 when Danielle Baquet-Long and Will Long (together known as Celer) spent a long weekend on the banks of Lake Attersee in Austria. During a break in a rainstorm, a one-hour recording was made in the belly of a docked sailboat, consisting of a mini-piano, whistles, and cello. A direct field recording, containing the thumps and thuds of water against the bottom of the boat and the wind howling outside of the open hatch, was also used. This recording was left untouched until 2007, when Celer picked up where they left off. Drawing Inspiration from the memories of Attersees’ rosewind the old recoding brought back, Celer restructured these cold and early sounds, through processing and editing, into something romantic, representative, and perpetual.

Presented in 6 imprecise parts, Breeze of Roses continues Celer’s amazing ability to take simple tones and field recordings and create breathtaking emotional landscapes that echo the movement and romance of a classical composition without sacrificing a modern edge.

The photography accompanying this release are by artist Peter Lograsso. The cover image Night (2005), a silver rag print, and the inside cover is Last Seen (2005).


Art in to Life
May 28, 2009

主にサウンドアート系の作家を多くカバーするアメリカのアンビエント/実験レーベルDragon’s Eyeよりリリースされた、Celerの2009年一発目のタイトルとなる限定250枚のCD-R!!自身等が2005年にオーストリアで行ったチェロと ミニチュアピアノのライブ録音をマテリアルとしており、そこに湖のフィールドレコーディングを加えいつもの如くループで仕上げた48分1トラック。不明瞭 で曇った音色が漂う霧の様な質感に仕上がっており、神秘/幻想的で非常に内容良いです!!大型ビニールスリーブ仕様!! – Art in to Live