Ian Hawgood
Snow Roads

Snow Roads, the new full length release from artist Ian Hawgood, is a demonstration of poetry through image and images turning to sound, exploring the feelings of stillness, isolation and loneliness. Composed over an 18-month span, Hawgood deploys a multitude of analog and digital treatments to piano, guitar, vocals, and field recordings that result in a warm, natural and enveloping experience. Over the course of the album, Hawgood displays a tender and visual sensibility, like an impressionist series of dreams influenced by the stillness of the end of winter. Snow Roads also includes contributions of source material from a number of other artists including The Remote Viewer on harmonium, El Fog on vibraphone, Celer on tingsha bells, Le Mépris and Katherine Morrice on piano, and field recordings by Ben Jones and Wataru Osako and in addition was mastered by Taylor Deupree.