Mimosa | Moize
Hear One Near and Think of the Other

A moment remembered is a moment anew. A collection of selected moments becoming the foundation and building of a new moment. A present moment rolling into and inspiring the next. A moment existing in-between the passing and the approaching, linked yet unique.

Hear One Near and Think of the Other (performance) was a durational work at MK Gallery inviting the experience and notion of a moment through sound, space and time. Two large spaces inhabiting a single speaker each, were joined by the performing mimosa|moize and a third space. Visitors were invited to explore and relish in the moment found both in each space and sound experienced within the gallery. Each gallery space served as an architectural extension to the ears of the performers, allowing sound positioning to both follow and depart from those moving within and around the gallery space.

Hear One Near and Think of the Other stands as a recent work in an ongoing interest in the notion of a moment. Originally a concept created for a live performance, this composition variation further explores the perception and interaction of a moment through sound specifically. In utilising the documentation of the previous performance, these moments passed are revisited through the act of listening and remembering. This process is to then form the foundation and building towards the creation of new moments, yet staying faithful to both the past and to the approaching.

Hear One Near and Think of the Other was originally realised as a one and a half hour performance at MK Gallery in 2011.