Jamie Drouin
Live in Paris

Live in Paris is the culmination of several field recordings made over the past three years for site-specific installations, works for CD, as well as unrealized projects, and is an attempt to find a new life for the recordings through improvised performances. Heard outside of their original context, typically as parts of concentrated investigations into empty spaces, the recordings are allowed to move freely around the listener’s imagination, inventing new associations, and venturing into more lyrical and poetic territory than I normally explore. This is particularly evident in the addition of a voice, a rare instance for me, but an effort to contrast my fascination for empty spaces with a space of complex human drama: a timeless and placeless bar described through an ingeniously woven story by Lance Olsen.

Live in Paris stands on its own as a unique work, exploring the source material in ways that surprised even myself, and is a fitting encapsulation and re-envisioning of the recordings as I move on to my next subject matter.

Included with this release are two photographs made during my tour which are being made available in ready-to-use wallpaper sizes.

Additional samples
Olivia Martin – bassoon
Lance Olsen – voice

Recorded on October 7, 2009 at La Société de Curiosités, Paris

A special thank you to Alexandre Grauer and Clémence Seurat at Qwartz for organizing the concert and for your hospitality.

Composition and photography copyright © 2009 Jamie Drouin