Miguel Isaza

“The fundamental intuition of tempiternity flows from the experience of the present in all its depth, discovering in it not only the past in potency and the future in hope but also what the objectified projection of mankind has called eternity and the subjectified human sensibility has called time (or temporality in our terms). The experience of the present, in fact, pierces as it were the crust of the provisional and the flowing, not to fall into the static, intemporal bed, not to deny time but to relish its kernel.”
– R. Panikkar

Tempiternidad (tempiternity) is a concept by philosopher Raimon Panikkar in which temporality and eternity are one, reflecting a notion of time but also a state of being, a path of plenitude towards the present moment in which everyday things and environments manifest eternity.

This work finds its main inspiration in the “tempiternal” aspect of sound and listening, evident in the sonic inter-connections happening over time states and scales but also in how temporal events are expressed through the sonic environment as such, from the quick microforms to apparently large networks. This results in a quest interested not only on how the sonic continuum evolves over time, but also how time itself is expressed through sound, valuing the relationship and rupture of time as a way of composing and listening.

Created with a laptop and a handheld recorder between April and June 2015 in the mountains of Antioquia, Colombia. Based on field recordings of various local places, found objects and some instruments such as flute and harmonica.