Ian Wellman
Susan's Last Breath Became the Chill in the Air and the Fog Over the City's Night Sky

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is pleased to announce Susan’s Last Breath Became the Chill in the Air and the Fog Over the City’s Night Sky, the debut release by Los Angeles musician and field recordist Ian Wellman. Susan’s Last Breath… was inspired by Wellman’s walks through downtown Los Angeles in the fall evenings. While wandering the concrete tangles of LA, Wellman recorded cricket songs filling the air as the marine layer settled above the city’s skyline. The album’s six tracks evoke a conflicting reality commonly felt for those of us city dwellers––a harsh foreground, moment of delicate contrast, the ache of transience in urban beauty.

All tracks on Susan’s Last Breath… are comprised of unedited field recordings paired with short compositions made on 4-track. Each loop contains some permutation of sampled drones, breath, phone apps, Nintendo DS home-brewed apps, metal springs, and Casio keyboards found in the trash.

Field recording locations: Ascot Hills, Los Angeles, CA; Chinatown alleyways, Los Angeles, CA; More Mesa, Santa Barbara, CA; Westlake, Los Angeles, CA; and Angeles National Forest, CA.

Recorded between 2016-2018.