Sister Maps

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is excited to welcome back Sublamp for his first full-length release on the label in nearly 10 years. Sublamp returns with Sister Maps—a collection of parallel songs, parallel in time but separated by space. Inspired by a three-week tour of recording live episodes of Comedy Bang Bang through 19 cities, Sublamp contemplates the impossibility of knowledge or understanding place when presented with only fleeting glimpses of it. Each track covers the same twelve minutes as if it had been captured simultaneously in six locations across an imaginary city.

All the tracks on Sister Maps influence each other in subtle ways. Sounds wander between or bleed through into the background, while other recordings maintain isolated independence. While listening to an album is generally a linear experience, Sublamp’s (accidental) choice to flow each song seamlessly into the next complicates the idea of placing works in parallel. The listening experience transforms, like moving through space while a möbius strip of the same twelve minutes repeats around you, or like meandering through an unfamiliar city with only your personal experience available to understand it. 

A city is not linear. A map shows only a space delineated, but not what occurs within that space. The borders of a city exist in both space and in time, which make it impossible to know a place completely. Wherever you are, there is always something happening somewhere else, simultaneously. An experience in parallel with your own.