Yui Onodera
Synergetics / Entropy

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is pleased to announce the return of Japanese sound artist and composer Yui Onodera with the reissue of Synergetics / Entropy. Synergetics was originally released in 2007 on Drone Records (Germany), while Entropy was originally released through Critical Path (Japan) in 2005, then again on Trumn (Japan) in 2009. Now, fifteen years later, the two aesthetically complementary albums have been remastered and will be released together as one.

Synergetics, composed entirely of electric guitar and piano, is a minimal two-track study in slow motion. Overtones, harmonics, and the slightest of melodies emerge to richen expansive drones. Described originally as “music shimmering like light on water,” it is contemplative listening experience that simultaneously allows for release of consciousness while drawing focus to a pinpoint of the present moment. A delicate, kaleidoscopic sound work. 

The moodier of the two releases, Entropy is Onodera’s original self-released debut. Through use of guitar, field recordings, and electronics, Onodera’s signature style of manipulating harmonics and accent noises into simple loops and melodies is recognizable and can be now understood as foundational.  Moments of timbral friction add a dimension that gently fractures a hypnotic hallucination induced by the warm parenthetical embrace of harmonic drones. Again, as in Synergetics, Onodera uses this palette to heighten the listener’s sense of genuinely active living—the present moment is drawn to the forefront while the exterior world’s pulse thrums along.