Kamran Sadeghi
Between Us

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is pleased to welcome back Kamran Sadeghi for his first release on the label since 2008. On Between Us, Sadeghi explores life in quarantine by directing his listening attention towards the element of our homes that is both sheltering us and giving us a glimpse of the outside world—the window.

Between Us was created using field recordings captured with DIY contact microphones attached to the glass window of Sadeghi’s home in Brooklyn. These protective barriers in the buildings we inhabit operate as a filter from the outside elements. Sadeghi describes the impulse of “wanting to hear the sound outside as it was being transformed to what I was hearing inside.” Each recording’s tonal slips due to the presence of sonic artifacts such as resonance, noise, low rumble, feedback, and cyclical hum (caused, in part, by the microphones’ excessive gain) suggests a gauzy, shifting passage of time at a distance.