Alejandro Morse

Dragon’s Eye Recordings welcomes Alejandro Morse, one of several monikers of the León, México-based musician/producer Edgar Medina. In Aftermath, his first release with Dragon’s Eye, Morse navigates the burnt-out terrain of an emotional ruin through use of processed field recordings, pulsing minimalistic noise, and ragged-edged, gauzy, stretched-out drone.

Morse has spent more than a decade shaping quiet ambient landscapes into expressive renderings of personal landmarks. With Aftermath, Morse continues on this solitary path, exploring an inner world inhabited by fleeting and eroding memories. An album with a slow burning and intense emotional effect, Aftermath drifts away from Morse’s previous, more romantically-tinged records, leaving behind the hypnotic and minutely crafted artifacts from Liminal and the thickly-layered, neon-drenched vignettes of Hotel Hastings.

The album offers somber gulps of introspection, quietly sinking down into a warm darkness where clouds of lo-fi hiss and electricity descend upon the loose geography of a broken dream.