Ida Toninato
Strangeness Reloaded

Dragon’s Eye Recordings welcomes back Ida Toninato for a new EP of remixes. Strangeness Reloaded was born from a kaleidoscopic recomposition process in which Toninato invited four artists to choose a track from her first album, Strangeness is Gratitude, and rework them freely. New forms, sounds, and meanings emerged from the blueprints of both solo saxophone songs recorded in an old factory, filtered through the lens of each remixing composer’s distinct aesthetics. 

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Valerio Tricoli
Jeremy Young
Nicolas Bernier
Émilie Payeur

University of Montreal’s Oscillators ensemble: Gian Tenio Carlone, Hugo Descourvieres, Vincent Fillion, Francis Lecavalier, Frédéric Lemelin, Xavier Ménard, Émile Ouellet-Delorme, Davio Robitaille, Étienne Roy-Bourque, and Jean-Guillaume Théorêt.