Joey Largent
Below Diorite Waters

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is excited to announce Below Diorite Waters, a new long-form work by Joey Largent. On Below Diorite Waters, Largent presents two site-specific recordings of seven closely-mic’d cymbals in an isolated mile-long lava tube of the Falls Creek Cave system near Mt. St. Helens. Largent’s method allows the natural overtones of the cymbals to emerge, creating layers of harmonics above the continuous rolling of mallets and perpetual drip of cave water. 

Below Diorite Waters manifests as a non-melodic, percussive drone work that takes inspiration from C.C. Hennix and Henry Flynt’s Hallucinatory Ecstatic Sound Environment genre, offering sound that can manifest introspective and perhaps hallucinatory states. It also draws from and re-interprets La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela’s concept of the Dream House, but rather than a built setting, the rapturous experience is captured inside a continuous sound environment already in existence—a cave that slowly drifts and changes for tens of thousands of years.