Ian Hawgood
Memory and Motion

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is excited to welcome back Ian Hawgood for his first release on the label since 2009. Hawgood returns with Memory and Motion, a recording that captures an intimate and spontaneous performance from the same era.

Notes from Ian:
On August 6th, 2010 I had the great pleasure to perform alongside my wife at the Dragon’s Eye hosted Immersound at The Others in London. We had got married that summer and had just arrived from our honeymoon in Indonesia to the UK to celebrate with friends and family on our way home to Japan. 

I’d spent that summer in Indonesia hunting down gamelan instruments, and travelled with a few gongs I’d picked up along the way. I’d originally intended to perform a laptop-based set on the night but due to a lack of desk space decided to create a patch using Max/MSP and the gongs we had in our backpacks. 

Memory and Motion is a long form work I created in preparation whilst artists were sound-checking, and is one that brings so many memories of a particular summer period, as as well as reminding me of the sheer motion and feeling of traveling to various countries. As a result of the last year in lockdown back in the UK now, I have found myself returning to this piece time and again for catharsis really.

I am so pleased to be presenting this piece back on Dragon’s Eye, over ten years since performing alongside their great artists, and even longer since my last release Snow Roads on Dragon’s Eye for which I am very thankful indeed.