Yui Onodera

Dragon’s Eye Recordings is pleased to announce Suisei, the latest reissue from Tokyo-based abstractionist Yui Onodera. Suisei was originally released in 2007 on and/OAR (USA) to critical reception, drawing comparisons to Thomas Koner, Eliane Radigue, Phil Niblock, and Keith Berry for its sustained harmonics and darkly-tinged, staticky drones. The album is composed from field recordings made with consumer-grade dictation mics, contact microphones, and pump organ, which Onodera employs in both subtle and overt ways. 

The word suisei—translated simultaneously from the Japanese as ‘aquatic,’ a comet, or the word for the planet Mercury—aptly represents a record that shifts ambiguously through textural deconstruction of some watery, isolated landscape. Cinematic in its slippery and grinding aural imagery, the record charters a natural path through the transformation of organic elements, chattering, pinging, scraping, and washing through oscillations while avoiding the realm of the grotesque.  While characteristic of Onodera’s microscopic, hallucinatory style, Suisei stands apart from other releases in its massive coverage of aural territory.