Alejandro Morse + Cian + Eduardo Padilla

Einath is an intuitive and absorbing first-time collaboration between Mexico-based artists Alejandro Morse, Cian, and Eduardo Padilla. Longtime contemporaries familiar with each others’ work, the four tracks on the album amount to an active and considerate conversation: The musicians harness a private shared language of their creative relationship to generate a work of immediacy, bemusement, and prescience. 

In their own words the artists offered some insight into the making of Einath:

”Recorded one pale evening just before the outbreak, on top of a partially abandoned building at the edge of León, Einath rises as a long, focused, and very lucky improvisational composition made without exchanging a single verbal cue, choosing a structure, or arriving at even the most basic understanding on how to go about things and what rules to follow. The results were then slightly edited, adding no overdubs, and presented with the original, organic flow of the live session.” 

Underneath layers of electric and acoustic guitar, modular synth, and digital processing, the resulting drone cultivates a thick, almost premonitory atmosphere—like low-hanging bruised-colored clouds before a heavy rain. All the while, as if to combat the stillness of the city below, underlying melodies steer these organic gestures into a cohesive, exploratory vehicle that descends increasingly deeper into itself. It seeks shelter, waiting, aware of the storm that is brewing.

Despite Einath’s in-the-moment composition, its underlying nature still retains the intention and energy shared between the artists, revealing how each of their individual practices connect without strategy to compose a whole greater than the sum of its parts.