Fax + Braulio Lam
Mixed Signals II

Mixed Signals II represents the next chapter of Fax and Braulio Lam’s collaboration, which started with their first EP in 2020. Across four tracks, they navigate creative exploration, and wander among the textures, colors, and sizes that sound can possess.

Much like its predecessor Mixed Signals, the sequel EP delivers a meditative ambient swirl, dedicated to finding balance while still moving. And yet, if the first album was to be considered grounded and earthy, Mixed Signals II is determined to challenge gravity—it creates spacious cinematic landscapes that stretch out and up. 

The four tracks are distinctive in their progression: The airy subtleties of the field recordings in ”Fragmented” take off and open up into an expanse of drone, with echoes of feedback further off in the distance. “Porta” twinkles in a dark sky; it wavers slightly in a liminal space of gradual transformation. In “Visions”, there is a hypnotic revelation, with an underlying heartbeat that gently draws one into its ascent. Finishing with the title track, “Mixed Signals II” is a docking; it rotates as it revolves, slowly considering what lies beyond its own orbit.

This meditative soundtrack is like a hazy black and white image, captured by a telescope or transmitted by a satellite, hinting at what lies far beyond our own limits of perception. The arrangement of acoustic instruments and electric guitars layer with field recordings and synthesizers to create a hypnotic reflection on sound—how it reaches out in the space around it, how it rises, how it looks, and how it feels. 

Mixed Signals II was recorded between Tijuana and Mexicali, in Mexico by musicians Braulio Lam and Ruben Tamayo (a.k.a. Fax). Together, the artists built upon their first collaboration to pass beyond the horizon of instrumental music.