Braulio Lam

Braulio Lam returns to Dragon’s Eye Recordings with the detailed and quietly introspective Apertura. Through nine tracks, Lam welcomes us into the intimacy of his private havens, inviting us to escape.

Braulio Lam is an artist that reaches into the core of the genres that inspire him and transforms that inspiration into something entirely his own. For the better part of a decade, he’s sculpted minimal-yet-complex soundscapes that play with the senses by subtly distorting the familiar. Through intricate sound manipulation, he creates lucid and labyrinthian sonic landscapes, carried through a fastidious and ever-present attention to detail. 

Apertura is one of his most accessible releases yet, pulled from the personal and the emotional. The result of a cathartic process of retreat, the songs on Apertura blend field recordings from Braulio’s most beloved refuges where he escapes daily stress, with his trademark time-stretching textures and ghostly guitars fading dreamily in and out of focus. 

But this isn’t a unidimensional album. There’s visceral emotion and a thematic thread carried throughout, beginning with the gauzy opener “f/1.4” in which the only recognizable sound comes from a guitar, and closing with “f/22” which comes sharply into focus with voices and percussive emphasis. Each of these sounds is presented purposefully. Braulio wields them with the precision of a camera lens, opening and closing to let in the light.