Lunar Corp

Dragon’s Eye Recordingspresents Lunar Corp’s debut album Tourism, a collection of awe-filled sonic landscapes for the softhearted traveler. Throughout these nine songs, multi-instrumentalist Dandyano Zentveld transforms the physical world into something auditory, inviting each of us to become eager sightseers with Lunar Corp as our guide.

Like any good tourist activity, the songs on Tourism are unpredictable, yet filled with perpetual delight. Melodies evolve like watching a rainforest flower bloom at hyperspeed, both lulling and propulsive. Each song takes us somewhere we’ve not yet been, exploring themes of Earth and both its human and non-human inhabitants, all through the lens of Zentveld’s admiring eye. Throughout the record, Zentveld weaves in field recordings taken both near to and far from his home in Amsterdam, invoking the warmth of the natural world and conjuring it before us, almost as if at our fingertips. By the record’s end, we feel we’ve traveled the globe and beyond, which is ultimately the record’s aim — an invitation toward exploration, and to become tourists of the beauty that surrounds us in our daily lives.