a wave, a mouth;
King Lee

Dragon’s Eye Recordings welcomes London and Taipei based composer a wave, a mouth; with the release of King Lee. King Lee documents the experience of a love that doesn’t align with any rational, social or political realities, but rather creates a new reality of its own from nothing.

In the beginning, time slows down, stretching and contracting organically. The unfolding soundscape is tense and staggering. Stacked piano notes interweave with sizzling noise and granular vocals. The percussion oscillates between jagged beats and arrhythmia, while momentary fragments of stillness emerge through the cracks. 

a wave, a mouth; navigates the stresses between their known and new realities. They explore the tensions that arise when their experience of an unhindered love of self and other comes into contact with the expectations of a binary world. The music vibrates with the noise of the material world pushing and pulling on the soundscape that absorbs and redistributes every shock.

The second triad of songs carefully unfurls—breathing drones give way to sweet melodies and glistening layers of synth and piano. This is the new reality. Here, time is not subject to causality but is instead perceived as a simultaneous phenomenon. All pain and struggle subside. In the face of previous contradictions, the music bears a promise of light: that living outside the expectations of hegemonic frameworks will open up a vast new world of purpose and meaning.

A gentle resolution awaits at the end—a love letter to King Lee. The project is a declaration of mutual reliance in the search for a divine in-between, as well as a story about the birth of a new Us. King Lee is ultimately a celebration of queer love and radical hope, affirming that hope is always faithful.